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Lurkers are welcome, guest login and registration are both extremely easy, join the chat!

Text Colors and Tricks

:orange:  Text Color 
:purple:  Text Color
:yellow: Text Color 
:pink: Text Color 
:red: Text Color 
:blue: Text Color 
:lightblue: Text Color 
:magneta: Text Color 
:black: Text Color 
:green: Text Color
:turquoise: Text Color
:scroll: Scroll
:fast: Scroll Fast
:bounce: Bounce
:bouncefast: Bounce Fast
:bounceslow: Bounce Slow
:button: Makes Text in a Button
:fire: Fire Text
:sparkle: Sparkle Text
:3dshad: 3D Shad
:3dtext: 3D Text

:fuckytext: Fucky Text

Basic Chat Commands

/me <message> - Sends a message as an action, for example calzoneman gets a snack.

/sp <message> - Hides a message in a hover-to-expose spoiler box.

/afk - Toggles your AFK status. You will automatically be marked not AFK after sending a chat message or voteskipping the video.

Custom Images

Make sure it is a direct image link
format as such:

(Add .pic at the end)

No pornographic images!

Room Rules and Guidelines

  • No posting Porn links or pornographic gifs in chat.(could be bannable)
  • Don't be a racist dick. (context is taken into account, after all we may be watching Django)
  • Don't be a homophobic dick. (again, context is taken into account)
  • No sexual soliciting or promoting cam/sex sites. (bannable offense)
  • No overly sexual conversation. (context taken into account depending on what we are watching)
  • No revealing personal information or posting phone numbers of others.(instant ban)
  • No spamming images or walls of text. (should be common sense)
  • No spoilers without using the masking command shownabove.(could be bannable if habitual)
  • No posting private links if they are requested not to be shared.
  • Moderators reserve the right to kick or ban at our discretion.

Regularly Scheduled Theme Nights

  • Wednesdays - Bad Movies
  • Fridays - Wild Card Night
  • Saturdays - Blockbusters
  • Sundays - Horror

Keep an eye on /r/fullmoviesonyoutube for random theme night posts.

You can also follow our automated Twitter feed to stay in the know.

Mod Movies

(Mods must be online in most cases to add movies)